Dairy Alternatives:

Plant Milks and Curds Workshop

One of the most important questions people have while becoming vegan is how they can live without the dairy products they're used to and what they can do to make the transition easier for themselves and the people they live with. Of course, being vegan doesn't mean being deprived! There are plenty of alternatives that one can easily make.

When it comes to learning to make dairy alternatives, some people learn by reading blogs and articles. Some learn by watching videos. Some like learning hands-on.

The 'plant milks and curds' workshop is for you if:

  • You're a vegan or are transitioning to being vegan.
  • You'd like to learn hands-on to make plant milks (mylks) and curds (yogurt) in the comfort of your home (or your preferred dwelling).
  • You'd like to know which alternatives work best for different purposes.

What's in it and what it takes:

  • The workshop will be at your place in Bengaluru (Bangalore) on a mutually agreed date and time.
  • You will learn practically by making the plant milks (mylks) and curds (yogurt) yourself.
  • This is a low cost offering. There are no charges for time and effort, but you would have to pay for transportation and the cost of raw materials (as required).
  • Since this is a hands-on workshop, you would have to set aside a few hours for it.

Get in touch: veganmilksworkshop@veganopia.org

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